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Ever considering relocating to east coast Australia?

This article will discuss the trends seen in the major legal hubs on the East Coast of Australia; Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as the potential financial, career and cultural benefits that can be gleaned from making an interstate move.

Lawyers practicing in Australia benefit significantly from an enviable combination of climate, commerce and culture. With each of the major economies located on the coast, access to “outdoorsy lifestyle” and having a life outside of work are common themes. However, there are jurisdictional nuances within each state that offer very unique benefits for lawyers looking to make a move.


Market Trends

  • Experienced Lawyers (3 PQE+) with Finance, Litigation, Projects/ Infrastructure or Restructuring skillsets are currently the most in demand.

  • There has been a general ‘shake-up’ at all levels, with plenty of Partner movement, juniors heading overseas and mid-levels going In-House.

  • Whilst the majority of firms have been more conservative in their approach towards hiring, there is still a major drive to attract and retain talent through targeted campaigns.

Sydney Salaries

Sydney remains the highest paying legal market in Australia (5-10% more than other major cities). This high salary has been maintained for a multitude of reasons including talent loss to competing firms, overseas moves and in-house organisations.

Sydney lawyers are regularly being offered retention bonuses or salaries above their peers, but within the Sydney market itself there has been an increase in parity across practice areas.

Unique Selling Points

Essentially, Sydney is a major financial hub for Australian Business, as well as a city packed with culture. Sydney lawyers have access to great lifestyle, climate, entertainment, culture & diversity and recreation.


Get in touch with James Andrew, or another member of our Private Practice team, to find out how you can find your dream role in Sydney.


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