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Alex Gotch


at Beacon Legal

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Recruiter & Career Consultant

Alex is the director at Beacon Legal, he is responsible for the strategic operations of the business, including hiring and expansion, business marketing, client relations and new business development.

Alex Gotch is a Sydney-based recruiter and career consultant for the legal industry.

After commencing his career as a practising lawyer, Alex garnered valuable experience while working in top law firms in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. He also served as an in-house legal counsel in the finance sector. Over the past decade, Alex has leveraged his expertise and insights to establish Beacon Legal as a distinguished and dependable legal recruitment brand.

As the current Director of Beacon Legal, Alex is accountable for the company's strategic operations, including recruitment and expansion, business marketing, client relations, and new business development. Alex is committed to bolstering the firm's advising and consulting services, ensuring that Beacon Legal can attract and place exceptional legal talent in law firms, in-house legal teams, government entities, and non-profit organisations. With offices in Sydney and London, Beacon Legal serves important international markets such as Australia, Asia, the UK, New York, Dubai, and the Cayman Islands.


Despite the business's growth, Alex remains committed to providing exceptional service and high-quality work. His dedication has contributed to the advancement of numerous prominent and up-and-coming executives in the industry.

Alex's professionalism and expertise are widely recognised across the globe, and he is continuously working towards expanding Beacon Legal's services to locate the top candidates in the legal industry.

Alex specialises in relocating lawyers overseas, primarily to the UK. Alex's extensive knowledge of the UK legal market and his expatriate experience enable him to conduct interviews for highly competitive positions.


Alex coaches candidates through the interview process and provides insights into targets and expectations, a firm's culture and reputation, salary bandings and bonuses, and visa and logistics.

Alex holds an Honours degree in Law from Bournemouth University and a Distinction in Legal Practice from the London College of Law. Apart from his professional work, Alex is an avid sports enthusiast with a keen interest in golf, football, and other sports.

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